Cleaning, CCTV Inspections & Hydro Excavation

Cleaning, CCTV Inspections & Hydro Excavation

Whether you need to do yearly maintenance to prevent blockage or you want to evaluate your sewer or storm drainage, we have the right equipment that will give you the information you need. Our vac trucks and camera inspection vehicles are state of the art.

We can efficiently clean pipe from 4″ to 144″ in diameter utilizing our new Vactor 2115 Plus. We also have an easement jetting machine which allows you to get into the hard to reach areas without a vac truck.  We are capable of reaching 500′ with our vac trucks and several hundred more with the easment machine. We carry an extensive array of different nozzles, cutting devices, and tools to ensure that the job is done in the most efficient way possible without damaging the pipe. We also have a robotic cutter with a camera that can be used to cut almost anything out of the way.

All of our inspection equipment runs on the WinCan format which is standard in the industry and is specified by engineers in nearly every CCTV inspection specification. We are capable of going distances of up to 1500′. If required we also have an inspection unit that is mounted in a box and can be easily brought into tight, hard to reach areas.

Our vac trucks are also capable of safely hydraulically excavating holes of any size in different types of ground conditions. This becomes very useful when trying to locate utilities such as gas mains, electric, fiber optic or any other potentially dangerous utility.

For more information regarding  this type of work, please contact Ryan Arold, VP Trenchless (845) 336-8753